Scott Naismith

Glasgow-based painter Scott Naismith travels all over his native Scotland to come up with these semi-abstract and stunning landscape paintings. Many of Naismith’s paintings are available as limited edition prints and he shares process videos on his YouTube channel.


VisitScotland’s Tourism Community

What do you do when you’re researching a trip or holiday ?  How do you get the lowdown on the best places to go and places to stay ?  How do you find insider tips from locals, or discussions by people who have questions just like you ? I often look for just this […]

Sturgeon at the Opening of the 5th Scottish Parliament

A Great Speech on and for Scotland And with a few words on Europe

Paul Reid: Brexit: Some Thoughts on Scotland

All sorts of constitutional issues arise out of last Thursday’s referendum: Art.50 TEU; the need for Parliamentary approval before it is invoked; whether the new Prime Minister will seek to call a general election; whether the result is properly considered “decisive”; and what wider implications there are for the constitution. Although these issues will all […]

Reflections on a Magical Wales Team in Euro 2016

First, let me begin this article by saying that I am not from Wales; unlike my colleague Christopher Harris at World Soccer Talk I did not come from the country or have immediate family grow up there.  There are branches of my family tree from Wales but the majority of my heritage is from Italy, […]

Scottish Government continues to ignore the oil & gas sector

Source: Aberdeen Journals, Daily Record and BBC Keith Brown, the SNP’s new economy supremo, called for greater support for the oil and gas industry during a visit to Aberdeen and predicted “good times ahead”. However, union leaders warned that the industry remains “in crisis” and a North Sea oil and gas pioneer said he has had […]