Weather forecast in Glasgow 28/09/2017

Today in Glasgow +14 C, Broken cloud sky, Precipitation: 0.76 mm, Wind 3.3m/s


Weather forecast in Glasgow 27/09/2017

Today in Glasgow +16 C, Cloudy sky, Precipitation: 7.07 mm, Wind 6.4m/s

15+ Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic (4 min read)

1. Facebook remarketing Facebook is a great promotion tool whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry. But did you know you can set up remarketing audiences in Facebook? By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site you can continue to market to customers who have visited your site. This is a great way […]

13 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do (3 min read)

1. Waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity keeps you focused on the problem and prevents you from developing a solution. Hardship and sorrow are inevitable, but feeling sorry for yourself is a choice. 2. Give away your power. No one has power over the way you think, feel or behave. Changing your daily vocabulary is one […]

7 Things that Can Make You Look like a Successful Entrepreneur (1 min read)

1. Fake it. You’ll make it. The same principle is at play in “fake it till you make it.” If you act in a certain way, your feelings, emotions, confidence levels, and overall attitude will gravitate in that direction. The result? Eventually, you make it. 2. Act confident. No matter what. One of your greatest […]

Weather forecast in Glasgow 16/09/2017

Today in Glasgow +12 C, Temperate rain, Precipitation: 1.54 mm, Wind 3.4m/s

Weather forecast in Glasgow 14/09/2017

Today in Glasgow +12 C, Broken cloud sky, Precipitation: 0.55 mm, Wind 6.3m/s